Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: We plan to move to Malaysia. We have lots of questions about life there. Who might we contact about this?

A: We recommend the following article (in Norwegian) by the Embassy regarding moving to Malaysia.  


Q2: We are Norwegians living in Malaysia and are expecting a baby. How does our newborn child obtain a Norwegian passport?

A: As soon as you (the parents) have obtained the birth certificate from the hospital. The birth certificate needs to be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Bring both this document and both parents' passports to the Embassy.

Normally this process takes 5 weeks. Please read about the requirements here.


Q3: I need a new Norwegian passport. What do I do?
A: You need to show up in person at the Embassy to apply for a new passport. Please bring your current passport and application fee. The Embassy will register the application online and collect biometric data. Please call the Embassy to confirm that the computer system is working since we have experienced periods of instability.

If you have lost your passport or your passport has been stolen, you need to file a police report at your nearest police station before coming to the Embassy. Please bring the police report with you together with 2 passport seize photos and a valid ID. More information is available here.


Q4: Do Norwegians in Malaysia have to register at the Embassy?
A: The embassy does not keep its own register over Norwegians in Malaysia, but encourage all Norwegians that are either residing or just visiting to register at To receive information and invitations to certain events from the embassy, you need to have registered your email-address here. Furthermore, it facilitates the work of the embassy and the Foreign Ministry in case of a crisis.   


Q5: Is there a Norwegian school in Malaysia?
A: No, there is no ordinary Norwegian school in Malaysia. There are, however, two internet based schools Globalskolen and Norgesskolen, that offers free education in the following subjects; Norwegian, Social studies and Religion & Ethics, for Norwegian pupils in primary and secondary school age living abroad. The teaching is online and is weekly based. More information can be found at and


Q6: Can we get married at the Embassy in Malaysia?
A: Yes, provided that either the bride or the groom are Norwegian citizens. Marriages to a Malaysian citizen cannot be performed at the Embassy. Please send a request to the Embassy ( well ahead of your preferred wedding date. Read more in: Civil Marriage at the Embassy.


Q7: Can I bring tobacco, snus or alcohol into Malaysia?
A: 200 cigarettes or 225g of tobacco and up to one liter of alcohol can be brought in without declaration to the Malaysian Customs. Narcotics, pornography, counterfeit items and explosive material are strictly prohibited to bring into Malaysia, bringing in or possessing narcotics or drugs can lead to death penalty.


Q8: What happens if I get arrested in Malaysia?
A: All Norwegians are strongly encouraged to respect and obey Malaysian law while in Malaysia.

If you are arrested, you are entitled to consular assistance from the Embassy. More information is available here.


Q9: What happens if I get hospitalized in Malaysia?

A: If you are in need of medical attention the embassy can give advice about medical services and hospitals. If you are travelling you are advised to first contact your insurance agent or travel company.

Please be aware that traffic accidents happen often in Malaysia, so please take proper precautions. Always use pedestrian crossings.


Q10: I live in Malaysia and travel frequently in the region. Where can I get information about different destinations and travel advisories from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
A: Please consult the website of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Where applicable, you can also visit the website of the Norwegian Embassy in the country you plan to travel to.

Please note that most countries in the region require your passport to be valid more than 6 months upon arrival. Therefore please ensure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months, Or you will not be allowed to enter the country.


Q11: Do Norwegian citizens need visa to enter Malaysia?
Norwegian citizens will get a 90 day tourist visa upon arrival in Malaysia.

We also advise you to register jour stay and journeys at


Q12: I need visas for my destinations outside Malaysia. Where can I learn about visa-requirements in the region / world?
A: Please consult the website of the Embassy of the country you plan to travel to or other relevant government websites of the country in question. Alternatively you can visit


Q13: I want to go to Norway for work / pleasure. How do I obtain my work permit / visa?
A: The processing of work permits and visas to Norway is handled by the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. See Q17 for contact details.

Please be aware that to obtain a work visa you need to show a signed work contract from a firm located in Norway.


Q14: Where can we find tourist information about Norway?
A: Please visit the following website:


Q15: I plan to study in Norway. How can I best prepare myself for this?
A: Please read through information available on the Embassy’s website. You are also encouraged to contact the receiving university or college in Norway for information about Norway and Norwegian university life. Useful information can also be found on the following website:


Q16: Where can I find information regarding Norwegian business and the Norwegian business community in Malaysia?
A: Please familiarize yourself with the website of the Malaysian Norway Business Council (MNBC):

Additional information from Innovation Norway’s Malaysia branch is located here:


Q17: We plan to bring our domestic helper to Norway. How does he/she obtain the correct paperwork?
A: Applications for work permits and visa to Norway are handled by the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and must therefore be submitted and collected there. Contact details are:

Embassy of Denmark
Sunway Tower (Wisma Denmark)
22nd Floor, 86 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel.: +60 3 2032 2001
Fax: +60 3 2032 2015


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